University of Southern California


Lewis Carroll Limericks Contest, 2008

Arvind Iyer
Engineering (Biomedical)
Prose and poetry: “The Lewis Carroll Limericks Contest,” 2008

Earning the top prize last year, this collection of eighteen limericks woven together in a prose narrative pays homage to Carroll’s enthusiasm for humorous writing. Set in a university, this work features a cast of professors from various disciplines who explore and reinterpret the Oxford don in a series of soliloquies written for the fictional “Lewis Carroll Limericks Contest.” Iyer playfully subtitles his work Musings in Eight Fittings after Carroll’s original Hunting of the Snark: An Agony in Eight Fits. Addressing themes as varied as world peace, the spirit of adventurers, and pandemic obesity, the limericks are meant, in Iyer’s words, to “gently nudge the imagination of the reader.”